Assessments, Tools, Training

In a new age of global development and business innovation, world-class organizations seize the opportunity to garner new wealth from the riches of a diverse population. In so doing, they become known as employers of choice for all that welcome, value and develop the talents of their entire workforce. They walk the talk of human equity and are magnets for the brightest and the best talent that reflect the diversity of the population that they serve.

Employers of Choice for All align diversity, inclusion and human equity with world-class services and performance standards. This is often achieved through the use of an integrated approach to assessments, tools and training that culminates in the development of behavioral competencies for human equity. This provides a significant competitive advantage for recruitment and retention, particularly at a time when the competition for talent stands out among the greatest priorities of organizations across the globe.

Using our Total Equity Solution framework, we offer our clients a toolkit of products and services that include individual and organizational assessment tools, team building techniques, diversity, inclusion and human equity curriculum, leadership competencies, as well as accountability frameworks and measurement processes. TWI’s portfolio gives our clients unprecedented flexibility to select the techniques and instruments that best meet its needs at each stage of the journey on the Human Equity Continuum.

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